A Study to Evaluate the Prevalence of Use of Various Dietary Supplement Among Malaysian Adult
Monday, March 28, 2016

Dear participants,

VMS (vitamin mineral supplement) and food supplement are getting popular among people in this country and even all around the world. There a bunch of product out there that offer you changes in many ways. But, are they absolutely saying the truth in whatever they are demanding about their product or just a marketing strategy to gain profit? This is a study where its aiming to explore several reason on why people use dietary supplement in their life as well as what kind of supplement that they use. Your views will contribute to a greater understanding on uses of dietary supplement and maybe can be benefited to other people who still thinking either to use it or not in improving their quality of life.

I am also would like to explore from where did the people get the information on their particular supplement that they take and how much did they spend on that product. So, even if you have never use any kind of dietary supplement, there must be lots of reason why you choose not to use it. Just follow the simple instruction and complete this simple questionnaire.
Thank you very much for spending your little time to participate in this study. I assure you that responding to this questionnaire will not affect your treatment by any means. Your response will be kept highly confidential and will not be revealed to your health care providers.

Should you have any queries or questions about this questionnaire, please email me at haziqmustopha@gmail.com

Thank you for taking part in this study
Haziq Mustopha
Diploma in Pharmacy
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)


this is the link to the survey

thanks in advance

the Future Pharmacist

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