hardest moment ever yet...
Thursday, February 10, 2011

what a life
2011..it has been so hard
oh God...help me..a lot of troubles, problem
i dont know why
busy, tired, frustrated, 
my name not clean anymore.
a lot of homework.
study become more harder than before.
Wow...now i know.
this all probs can help me to be the best one..
thnx GOD..for testing me wif the hardest challeng yet..
now..i`m waiting for the next obstacle.
to everyone that will test me..do yor best.
i will face it..never run.
to that persons, i hope you realise who you are..
don`t talk if you don`t know NOTHING..
i hate that kind of persons... 

huh..wat a buzy life...
Saturday, February 5, 2011

eyt..salam kembali ke sekolah semua~dah masuk tahun baru cina dah.GONG XI FA CAI thun ARNAB kan..wah..selamat beraya la sume.huh..bru masuk tahun baru..dah byk kije.bertimbun-timbun lak tuh.dop dang mase nok finish sume..aiyo..xtau la ape nk jadi...sudah pusing kepala ku..tgk..balek cuti kat umah pon, kije skolah bertambun cg bgi..
physics, chemist, history, BI, math, +math...huh..dlm byk2 tuh..xciap satu pon lagi..aiyo...camne la nk adapi cg nih..hope cg paham..tpi biasenyer, xkan pham..cakap je pape pon..payah nk pham prob kite hadapi..soe cg..bukan nk ngumpat..cume luah ape yg t`buku di hati.huh.tu bru bab kije skolah..xmsuk lagi bnde laen.btw..soe for everitim.to all form 4 baru SBP, MARA..jage diri molep..xsabar nk jupe kawan baru...to all girls and boyz esp form4...take care..jage maruah,,jage air muke masing2..respect tecer and frenz..and they will respect ue..bye fon..lappy..editim..game..movie..welcome school..busy life..homework..that`s all for now..update later..chill k..

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Haziq Mustopha I'm a normal HUMAN. I'm proud to be Malaysian and Islam is the way of my life. I'm just a simple person who is shy but love to lead. I do bad things a lot because nobody perfect. I love my family and just God know how much I love them.Just wanted freedom and enjoy the brief life. I am the school leaver of Faris Petra, huh, a lot of thing happen there, up and d0wn.
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