KL,here I COME
Thursday, December 6, 2012

hello Blog Readers. Assalamualaikum.

Dalam dua minggu agi *kot(official date to be decided) nk turun KL. huh. lame dah ku tunggu saat nih,
menanti saat nk explore KL. jadi Malaysian, tpi KL pon xkenal? haiya, xpe, mase nyer dah tiba kot. Hopefully, if the plan is right, if GOD willing, i'll be there for sure. Haha.logo kat atas tuh gimik je. X mampu ar. Naik bas pon cukupla. Ke ade yang nk lanje? Writer ok je.

So, especially to my *TOUR GUIDE*, hope bleh tunjuk ajar, tunjuk jalan ek nnti.

p/s:esok dah start kelas..bukan kelas tutorial exam or kelas masak, just a  kelas driving. 8 hours! its gonna be tough session, gotta be ready.

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Haziq Mustopha I'm a normal HUMAN. I'm proud to be Malaysian and Islam is the way of my life. I'm just a simple person who is shy but love to lead. I do bad things a lot because nobody perfect. I love my family and just God know how much I love them.Just wanted freedom and enjoy the brief life. I am the school leaver of Faris Petra, huh, a lot of thing happen there, up and d0wn.
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