Down squared !!!
Thursday, April 5, 2012

grrr...macam mane nak atasi ape yang aku rase skang??? dahla aku xtau ape yg ku rase!!! huh..macam mane nk jawab lau aku sdiri x taw ape yang aku patut jawab..SPM kian menjengah tibe...dah masuk bulan APRiL dah pon.cepat tuh xyah nk oyak, cepat gler aser..pahni midyer exam, then trial and finally, war with SpM Question!!! arghhhh..dahla result fusrt term exam, TERUK, Seteruknyer LArh!!
huh..need some motivation now..please..HELP me.i can only produce only 4As, err..the most terrible result ever i get!! hahahaha. "balasan" kot...silap aku 100%!!! BUKAN salah orang laen dah..xpe, yg penting aku dah buat ape yg aku boleh buat...no cheat like in the GTA game.no more..now, i have to struggle..but, two more things that i have to solve, archery(HKSBP)+debate(HKSBP)...after that, God Willing, i'm free...focus on SPM..but, for now, i'm lost!!! totally lost!! do help me.. to overcome this...
yay, maybe, i have to pay all what i have done before,
maybe, this is a challange from God.

the Future Pharmacist

Haziq Mustopha I'm a normal HUMAN. I'm proud to be Malaysian and Islam is the way of my life. I'm just a simple person who is shy but love to lead. I do bad things a lot because nobody perfect. I love my family and just God know how much I love them.Just wanted freedom and enjoy the brief life. I am the school leaver of Faris Petra, huh, a lot of thing happen there, up and d0wn.
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