Back to School Again
Saturday, July 17, 2010

(17/07/2010) my last day staying at home. this evening before 6 o'clock, i have to be in the hostel.
if not, i will be punished. before enter the campus, i have to take my outing card.
that is the rules. huh. maybe there will be held some spot-check for forbiden goods.
so, no handset, mp4 or laptop allowed. it so hard to left that thing at home.
but, that is for my good.
just forget about it.

I'm having a nice weekend at home.
last Thursday, Faeq and I went to KB Mall to attend the PIKOM Pc Fair.
there are a lot of people that mainly techno+gadget maniac
searching for the latest+low price product.
there are a lot of offer. i'm so happy to be there.
but, nothing to buy as i don't have money to afford my desired laptop.
after walking at the fair about 45 minutes, my father came to take me home.
on Friday, i wake up early to go shopping with my parent.
a lot of things i bought. thanx mom for threat me.
in the evening, as usual, i'm surfing the internet.
looking for the latest transfer news and rumours for major Europe league.
At night, i'm packing all of my attire and ironing the school uniform.
last night, i'm having some conversation with my friend.
a lot of "ngabe+bolox" topic that we chat.
i go to bed around 4 a.m. its quite late but, this is the life. its basic thing to sleep late.
fortunately, i'm succeed to wake up early in the morning.
today is the last day i'm in front of my laptop. its quite hard for me.
but, life has to go on as the SBPians.
back to school again. strive for excellence for forthcoming trial+pre+real PMR exam this year.
huh. exam, exam, exam.
study, study, study.
homework, homework, homework.
always abiding me. arghhhh!!!!
enough for now.
peace no war.

the Future Pharmacist

Haziq Mustopha I'm a normal HUMAN. I'm proud to be Malaysian and Islam is the way of my life. I'm just a simple person who is shy but love to lead. I do bad things a lot because nobody perfect. I love my family and just God know how much I love them.Just wanted freedom and enjoy the brief life. I am the school leaver of Faris Petra, huh, a lot of thing happen there, up and d0wn.
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